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 These pages are for the celebration of our arts curriculum which consists of Music, Drama and Visual Arts. The curriculum enables children to explore and express ideas, feelings and experiences through music, drama and the visual arts. 

Please see our gallery below.

   Class 2  

Black and white collage fish inspired by pattern and texture                         



Snape Malting Concert Performance 

Children from years 2 to 6 gave an outstanding performance at Snape Maltings.


Vincent Van Gogh

Born 1853 Netherlands - died 1890 France

Year one have been inspired by the striking colour and energetic brushwork shown in his sunflower paintings.  

Using thick paints applied with spreaders they have successfully painted the flowers then using collage and wax crayons added background to create these wonderful still-life images.







Year One and Two as part pf their project on toys have been drawing

their teddy bears in pencil and crayons.


Class Two 

Observational still-life drawings

Using soft pencils, from 2b to 6b to create tones of grey, the children described the shape and form of the objects in the still-life.

They described the degree of lightness or darkness of an area and used a rubber to show where the light was brightest.

The tones varied from the bright white of a light source through to shades of grey to the deepest black shadows.

I am sure you will agree the results are excellent.








The children studied Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting and used

this as inspiration for their own.  They mixed black and white paint to blue to

achieve the shades for the sky and made yellow swirls and stars.


Class 2  


Class 1 have been looking back at toys through the ages. 

They looked at fictional characters and made their own wooden dolls 




Children in year 3 & 4 inspired by the French artists Andre Derain

and Matisse created self-portraits. 

They were particularly looking at using hot and cold tones to show

light and dark.










Class One- Each child in year one constructed a model of a

Somerleyton house which is linked to the study of our village.





Class One- After a visit to the theatre to see Snail and the Whale

performance, they responded with wax resist and written description.


Class one -  As part of our Fire of London topic, children used

charcoal and college to recreate a scene depicting the raging fire.


Class one mixed colours to paint paper to use in our collages

inspired by Henri Matisse's work.


Keystage 2 - Using pinch pots and modelling techniques created

Victorian characters out of clay




Keystage 2 - Linking art to the topic of Stone Age, children used oil

pastels, charcoal and collage to create examples of cave paintings.



 Class one worked hard practicing sketching and shading.



Year 3 & 4 getting ready, learning songs ready for the

Snape Performance in March.



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